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This Summer:
Give Your Child The Gift Of A Action Packed… Fun Filled..Life Altering Summer Camp!

Parents, fill in you information below to save your child’s sport in our non stop fun- action packed- adventurous karate sports summer camp. Put in your info now so your child will also get a Six Flags Season Pass, Uniform, and the opportunity to TRAIN IN OUR KIDS PROGRAM FREE UNTIL CAMP STARTS!

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Our Top Flight Karate Sports Summer Camp Is On Another Level And Not To Be Confused Your With Average Summer Camp! Click Play And Check It Out

This summer, when school lets out, instead of hearing your kids complain about how bored they are all summer, or [you] worrying if they are being productive and out of trouble while you’re at work; Enrich their lives with the Top Flight Karate Sport Summer Camp

Super Satisfied Mom
“At other camps my son sat around all day, here he was excited!!!”

“My child has never done any thing like this, doesn’t he need some type of martial arts experience?”

NO Problem!

No martial arts experience is not needed to take advantage our unique camp experience.
However, the ONLY thing your child will need….

is a STRONG DESIRE to have fun. 

And When It Comes To Having Fun, Going On Cool Trips, And Teaching Valuable Life Skills, We Leave Other Camps In The Dust…They Can’t Compare!

Here’s just a sample of what your child will experience at the Top Flight Karate Sports Summer Camp

Weekly Pool Fun! Your child will be having a blast, not bored out his/her mind, miserably, and wasting this summer away…

Weekly Trips! To places like Six Flags (EVERYONE loves six flags — whether braving The Mind Eraser or the Superman or Tower Of Doom) Laser Tag, Bowling, The Aquarium, Skating — your child will be having fun ALL day long!

Tons More Fun Every Day! As if that wasn’t enough, Top Flight’s Summer Karate Sports Camp also includes fun activities like ninja games, team sports challenges, fun academic games, dance, arts and crafts , and much more…

And that’s just the start!

Check out one of the kids favorite activities…. Team Battle (BBD vs Awesomeness)

click here to see the Full Team Battle

Top Flight’s Karate Sports Summer Camp is NOT like any other summer camp you’ve ever seen, there’s match to what we provide.

Here’s just a sample of what your child will experience at Top Flight’s Karate Sports Summer Camp

Your child will develop self-confidence and self-esteem by achieving their individual goals…

They’ll feel like real martial artists when they get their free “Gi” (martial arts training uniform)…

Watch in amazement as your child starts to show more discipline, and self-control at home, with siblings and family members

Your child will learn team work by participating and succeeding with the help of their new friends at the summer camp

You’ll be shocked and delighted when you see your child being able to intently focus on doing schoolwork, chores, and listening to YOU

You’ll watch your child develop physical strength, agility, balance and control which will carry over into every area of their life (if your child is involved in any other sports, martial arts is hands down the best way to “cross-train” to increase their physical abilities … and put them at an advantage over the other kids)

(Get Your Child’s Free Gift) Please watch this video. You have to see it for yourself! Plus We will give you kid Free Training Gloves for Class